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An expanding collection of art styles for your story

Lore Machine v2 enables users to render their story text in 11 stable styles that have been built from the ground up. In one month's time, we are expanding this style library to 150+ styles.

Here is a directory of styles. Click to to explore each preset further:

  • MeshMode - MeshMode packs more pixels into your storyscape than reality, rendering to ultra-HD with speed.

  • Lino/Slash - Lino/Slash chisels your story into a traditional woodblock print, with laser-accurate lines and dramatic black-and-white contrast.

  • 1987 - 1987 renders your stories in reassuringly retro late-80s cinematography, replete with rich grain, soft focus and harmonious coloration.

  • Pulp - Pulp accentuates classic bold colors with depth-defying shadow work to bestow a hard-boiled sense of adventure on your storyscape.

  • Splish - Splish splashes the unrelenting precision of Lore Machine’s prompts with painterly watercolor to render your scenes into stunning gallery-ready vignettes.ine Preset Splish.

  • Kanji - Kanji combines the eye-popping shapes of sci-fi manga with the dependable line work work of early-90s anime, to take your story on a trip through Neo-Tokyo’s underground.

  • RoboWolf - Robowolf launches your story into an unforgiving landscape patrolled by gritty line work and razor sharp edging.

  • Nightwarez - Nightwarez shreds your storyscape to pieces then rebuilds each particle as a sunset-soaked fluorescent fever dream.

  • DotMatrix - DotMatrix combines millions of micro-quadrilaterals into fluid forms to render your storyscape with mathematical precision and beauty.

  • RensFlare - RensFlare fuses the drama of Camelot with the painterly stylings of the 1490s, transforming your text from side-quest to the main-quest.

  • HyperStructure - HyperStructure provokes emotions you didn't even know you had with finely-tuned smooth-lined color patches that draw subjects deep into the psychedelic realm.

  • ProLink Executive - ProLink Executive whisks your renderings out of the writer's room and into the corporate boardroom with unapologetic professional sleekness.

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